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Mobile MP3 Electrode Connection!

Special 'Starter' pack
personal experimentation


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Use with MP3 Player - CD Player -
Home Stereo - Cell phone (with mp3)
Lap-top - PC etc.

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Digital Homeopathy!
So what are some of the benefits
of using Digital Sound Remedies?

  • no ongoing costs (buy once, and that's it)
  • you will learn the real power of homeopathy
  • we can help you find the right remedy for your specific condition
  • easy access to an extensive library of remedies (including a wide range of potencies and uncommon remedies)
  • traveling with remedies and test kits is no longer a fear of the X-ray machines and you'll always have everything you need with you at all times (via your laptop or MP3 player)
  • not affected by amalgams and root canals like oral doses can be
  • delivery of the remedies can be via sound, (MP3 player), light (such as laser), Radio Frequencies (such as Rife), acupuncture needles, and even over the telephone in those emergency situations

Does listening to sounds of
remedies actually work?


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Download full version "Rife"
Pulsed Frequency sets for
use with the SLB Antenna.
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Sound Waves!

(SLB) Silent Listening
Broadcast Antenna

More Info & order here:

on how to get the best results from using your

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Slip the MP3player with
SLB into your pocket for mobile use. Complete

personal 'bubble' coverage
of up to 5', (1.5m) radius!

Connecting a SLB to an optional 'Boostaroo' mobile amplifier.
Boosts active frequency coverage by up to 400%

MP3 player connected
to a 'Boostaroo' with the SLB
extends the active frequency coverage by
up to 20', (6m) radius!

Electrode pad connection to MP3
Any quality MP3 player will work!










Enhance your use of digital Homeopathy & RIFE frequencies by
the output of your MP3 Player by up to 100%!

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T613-ENC - $29.99
The Boostaroo® is a portable headphone audio amplifier that will double the available volume from your audio player and separate the audio signal into individual stereo channels to drive 3 separate sets of headphones or speakers.









'Silent Delivery'
Electrode Connection

Basic Electrode Connection
for SSF Experimentation

1 only lead connector with mini jack-plug
for MP3 connection & pad connections
1 set-(2 only) x 3cm TENS re-usable
Electrodes with knitted stainless steel mesh
for greater conductivity & preservation of battery life.

only $29 incl. p&p

Buy Now! (*Prices Incl. p&p)
(Discount packages:)

Basic Electrode Connection with 2 x pad electrodes


Basic Electrode Connection with 4 x pad electrodes


Basic 4 pad Electrode Connection-($35), plus
Earlobe Electrodes (rr $45)
(The gel pack has been removed from this package due to reports of contamination)



1 set (2 only) 3cm Super Electrodes more

Super Electrodes
$4USD (set of 2)
Plus the Basic $25 Package-
now Total 4 electrodes
Total $29 USD

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3cm Electrode



$25 USD

('TENS' Acupuncture



1 x 3cm set pads (2)
1 x lead connector

with mini jack- plug
& pad connections

Knitted Stainless Steel Mesh Electrode:

  • Designed for all types of applications
  • Unique knitted stainless steel fabric and gel construction
  • Ensures an even distribution while reducing current at edging
  • Minimise edge curl
  • Designed to withstand rigors of lower back TENS application
  • Adheres to patient skin when minor moisture is present

How to get the most mileage out of your electrodes.

  • Keep skin clean and dry from lotion
  • Always lift electrode from edge, not from lead wire
  • Always replace electrodes to the "ON" side of the storage liner.
  • Always store and seal electrodes in the original packaging in a
    cool place.
  • Never submerge electrodes
  • Re-hydrate gel with a drop of water
  • Using hot or cold packs for a long period of time can lead to
    adhesive separation
  • Only use electrode on one person

With regular tender loving care your electrodes will last and last.
However, when they show signs of deterioration, please replace
them for optimal performance.  Electrodes are disposable.


A Simple Guide to the use of the
Mobile Electrode Connection

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Sound Waves!

SLB Antenna
Order here!
(Silent Listening Broadcast Antenna)
Limited Numbers...
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Download full version 'Rife' Pulsed Frequency sets.
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Mobile MP3 Electrode Connection!

Single AAA battery MP3 Player
Electrode Connection

iPod Electrode Connection

Earlobe Electrodes

2 x Earlobe Electrodes
1 x 1.2m connection lead with
3.5mm jackplug plus
2 x earlobe plug-in connections
(The gel pack has been removed from
this package due to reports of contamination.)

Use Earlobe Electrodes:

  • Inducing Sleep

  • Inducing Relaxation

  • Obtaining Relief from Neck, Head & Facial Pain

  • Rapid Recovery from Mental & Physical Exertion
    (By accelerating cell healing and inducing a release of Endorphins, [the "happy" hormones])

  • May be beneficial in treating Emotional &
    Depressive conditions

    Only $45
  • includes Standard International Airmail postage


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